Friday, April 21, 2006

Tiny Little "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" Chapter Reviews (part one)

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15 (**) Papa Plays Annie Laurie
16 (*) The Mystery of the Orient in Brooklyn
17 (***) Piano Lessons Help Everyone
18(*****) What a Filthy Arm
19(*****) School, Peeing Your Pants and Making Up With Sissy
20 (**) Vermin
21 (**) Mr. Morton and Miss Bernstone
22(****) Reading and Math
23 (***) New School, Prostitutes and Mr Jenson, the Janitor
24 (*****) Tammany, Mr. MacShane and the Prostitutes Outnumbered the Decent Ladies Two to One
25 (*) Brooklyn's Own: Hansom Cabs, the Future Mayor and Dr. Cook.

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