Saturday, April 29, 2006

The last "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" entry!

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So it comes to a close at last. A book that I loved, and finished over a week ago, grows dim in my mind... I will try to keep those synapses firing long enough to wrap it up.

47 (*****) Sissy Gets Herself Widowed, Divorced, Married and Pregnant - All in 10 Day's Time!

48 (*****) WAR! - Francie Shows Us How To Remember and Starts College

49 (***) Ben

50 (*****) Oxygen [And when you figure out the meaning of this chapter title, you will cry like a baby!]

51 (****) I'll Probably Be Sixteen All My Life and Mama Takes the Fun Out of Everything!

52 (*****) Francie Falls in Love and Promises Her Life Away

53 (*****) It Would Have Been a Very Beautiful Thing or I Don't Want to Need Anybody

54 (*****) Finally Mr. McShane!

55 (****) Does Ben Seem a Little Priggish To You?

56 (*****) Goodbye Francie...

Now you should go lie down and cry for a little while because you are going to miss Francie now that she has become such a part of your life over the summer.

And in the fall, if you come into the library please make sure to come up and tell me how much you loved this book. If by some insane chance you did not - DON'T TELL ME! I don't want to know! All I will do is try to talk you into loving it after the fact and we will both be made miserable.

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