Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Long Long Book

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I have to admit that this is a long, long book. It is the longest on the summer reading list! However, if you do the math you will learn that you only need to read less than 6 pages a day this summer to easily finish it before school starts. And you can read 6 pages. Really.

I have been leaping forward. (I am exaggerating, of course - I am only on page 54, but I do have a full time job, and kids and the weather is starting to get nice. Oh I am full of excuses!)

My favorite part of chapter 3 was Francie's Dad talking about working - "Now it's work hard all the time or be a in-between." Is he just whining or is this true? Francie's mom works hard, but she also just went out to a show. Is he just lazy or a realist?

And the last paragraph of chapter 4 - death hiding in the closed for Henny - freaked me out!

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