Saturday, May 26, 2007

I expected Never Let Me Go to be a cross between House of the Scorpion and Harry Potter but it was not. It is the story of a group of people who lived in a British boarding school who are trying to figure out their place in the world. It was very interesting, although very slowly paced. I knew what the specific "twist" of the book was before I read it and that kind of wrecked it for me. I would have preferred to go into it without any preconcieved ideas. And so I will say very little about it. It is sort of an alternative world kind of book, although you don't really get that until the end. I have already said too much!
It is written by Kazou Ishiguro who wrote The Remains of the Day which was brilliant and also a very quiet and ultimatly moving kind of book.
I love boarding school or dormitory books. Some favorites are Is That You, Miss Blue? by M.E. Kerr, They'll Never Make a Movie Starring Me by Alice Back, Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster and - of course - the aforementioned Harry Potters.