Friday, April 21, 2006

Tiny Little "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" Chapter Reviews (part 2)

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26 (*****) Tiny Pie and a Lie
[This is one of the best chapters in the book and it has probably the best description of what writing is all about. It also has one of my favorite lines from the book "If she had not found this outlet in writing, she might have grown up to be a tremendous liar."]
27(*****) The Profane Christmas Tree Salesman Throws a Tree at Frannie's Head, Katie Thinks A LOT, and Frannie Lies to Get a Doll But Not Really
28 (*****) Frannie Loses Her Love of the Theatre Because "It Takes a Lot of Doing To Die"
29 (*****) The Songs of the Sea Betray Johnny
30 (*****) Remember Joanna
31 (*****) A Horse Falls in Love With Evie
32 (***) Francie's Journal Entries
33 (*****) Katie Takes Care of a Bad Bad Man.
Note to readers: Scary things happen here so consider yourself warned. Also: IF YOU ARE NOT HOOKED ON THIS BOOK BY THIS CHAPTER YOU ARE DEAD INSIDE!
34 (*****) Sissy Gets a Baby and Things Look Bad For Johnny
35 (*****) Neelie and Francie Reminisce and Johnny is Not Drunk
36 (*****) I Burst Out Crying Reading This Chapter at the YMCA and have to Run To the Ladies Room to Calm Down

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