Friday, April 21, 2006

Tiny Little "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" Chapter Reviews (part 3)

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[Do you notice how most of these chapters have 5 stars now? Get used to it; this book is wonderful!]

37 (***) Everybody Cries it Out
38 (*****) Mr. McGarrity is Depressing and Life- and Nothing Else But - Gives Francie a Headache
39 (*****) Confirmation, the Well-Meaning But Deeply Stupid Teacher and Mama Needs Francie
40 (*****) Annie Laurie
41 (*****) A World Spinning in Confusion
42 (*****) Graduation, Flowers, Autographs, Tipping and a Wish
43 (*****) "When She Looked at the Money I Saw that Tears Stood in Her Eyes"
44 (*****) Press Clipping Bureau, A Hard Decision From Katie and Cracks in the Cup
45 (*****) Spats, Fancy Underwear and Francie Believes in God After All
46 (*****) 1917 and Francie Gets Drunk

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