Wednesday, November 06, 2013


I was warned not to read THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING right after FANGIRL because according to my YA librarian friend,  while it is awesome, it is no FANGIRL.

I found them to be different enough that I was able to fall head over heels in love with both. Hurrah for me and my easy, easy emotions!

So Ezra is starting his senior year with a tragedy - he has been in a horrible car crash and his leg will never recover properly and he has to walk with a cane and be kind of an object of pity. Because he used to be super cool. He was student body president and dated the hottest girl in school. But now he is avoiding his old friends (because he thinks they avoided him when he was hurt) and he is hanging out with the debate team and the new girl who is the manic pixie dream girl of his...well...dreams.

From zero to hero is a good plot line, add some interesting and realistic friends, concerned parents, clueless teachers (Oh, is there any other kind? Thanks LEONARD PEACOCK for giving us at least one good one this year...) and you have a wonderful read that is both heartfelt and funny in the best possible ways.

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