Wednesday, November 06, 2013

FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

I snagged this picture from reblog book club because it is what I should have done. If I had put a little post it note over every bit of writing I adored, it wold have looked much like this.

And I am a fan of clever wordplay, but when it is combined with a great plot and stories within stories (!) I am completely on board.

AND THEN when you add characters that I would love love love to be friends with - well, let's just say I liked it a lot. Okay? Because I did.

Story is thus - Cath goes away to college. She will not be rooming with her identical twin sister Wren and she is freaking out about it. She writes a hugely popular fanfic based on the Simon Snow books. They smell a lot like Harry Potter and now I kind of want to read them.

So Cath has to forge her own path and there is a wild roommate, some cute boys, a difficult writing class, father issues, mother issues, sister issues and it is funny as can be.

Just read it.

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