Wednesday, April 03, 2013

CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein

First read: May 2012 - I loved it so much that I was reading it in  Burlington mall instead of shopping. I loved it so much that I finally pulled into a church parking lot to just finish it! And I cried a LOT while reading it.
Duration: 1.5 days

The Story: Julie is a spy. Maddie is a pilot. They are best friends. It is October 1943 when Maddie drops Julie behind enemy lines and then crashes her plane. As Julie tells everything she knows to the Gestapo in order to save herself, Maddie emerges as the heroine of her story.

Reread: March 28, 2013
Upon rereading this I was surprised at how the way that the action is revealed a little at a time made me so hungry to finish the book. The way that Julie tells her story and then the way that her story is brought to light were just so perfectly put together it was fun to see it from the other side, knowing how everything turns out. But it did lack the emotional punch of the first time. However, just as I was finishing it, I ran into Kate Carpine, the children's librarian at the Beverly Public Library, and we ended up talking about this book for 20 minutes and I was completely reminded about how much I loved it. So read it with a friend!

Summer Reading Tips:
  • If you like history, espionage and war, you will love this. But it also has a big dollop of the mechanics of friendship and responsibility.
  • Read this on a trip where you won't have distractions. You will be very angry at the friends who call you when you are deep in the French Resistance. 
  • For a project, figure out what Julie was trying to say and explain it. I would appreciate it, I am still a little hazy.

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