Monday, April 01, 2013


Good grief, it has been a mere two months since I last posted! I feel like a WINNER!

So I have set a new challenge for myself. (Although it isn't much of a challenge.) During the month of April, I am going to write a post about each of the summer reading books. That way, if I should be hit by a bus, summer reading can still go on without me.

And the entire student body of BHS breathes a huge sigh of relief...

Now some of these books I read AGES ago, so I am going to have to reread or at least skim them to make sure I haven't made a horrible, horrible mistake in choosing them for summer reading. Wouldn't that be embarrassing? Others I have read quite recently so I will not have to reread them, but I will give a little background about the reading experience. Unless I forget.

Okay, brace yourselves - here I go!

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