Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BLINK & CAUTION by Tim Wynne-Jones

First Read - June 2011 - Is is any wonder I didn't remember anything about this book other than that I loved it? I do remember finishing it in a cemetery. Don't judge me, I like to read outside and cemeteries are very peacful and there isn't a lot of dog poop.

The Story: Blink is a runaway living on the streets who stumbles upon a kidnapping. At first he is just trying to help out, but if an opportunity to make some money comes up, who is he to avoid it? Caution is living with a very bad man and if her attempt to escape leads her to take advantage of Blink, how can you blame her? Will you be surprised to know they join forces? Probably not because it is in the jacket flap copy...

Re-Read:April 7-9, 2013 - At first I was a little worried. The chapters are split in two voices. The Caution chapters are in standard third person. But the Blink chapters are in the second person, which is frankly annoying. The narrator calls you "you" so you are you and Blink is you and it is just weird. But eventually, it begins to feel natural and doggoned if it doesn't draw you in a little bit. (See what I did there? Second person...hee...) I didn't remember for the first few chapters why I loved this book so much, but soon I was just as wrapped up as I was last time. It is a great ride and a very well written with an extremely satisfying payoff.
Summer Reading Tips:
  • Read this one in a graveyard. Ah, just kidding. Read it in Canada. Did I mention it takes place in Toronto? It is interesting that it is kind of a gritty urban setting and yet Canadian. It's not all hockey, beer and comedy there, you know... But do read it downtown where traffic sounds and crowds of people will put you in the mood for this. Then you can go somewhere quieter when the action moves to the country.
  • For your assignment, maybe you can work out different survival strategies for Blink and Caution than the ones they went with and show how your ideas might have worked better.
  • Investigate the street life of teens. Not first hand, please, but by researching what happens to runaways and maybe find a way you can help out.

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