Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
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What a shocking surprise! I hated Alice in Wonderland. It irritated me and I don't like Lewis Carroll. I think he is twee. I didn't like the Disney cartoon of this book and I figured that it was just some sort of anomaly and I would surely like this fanciful Victorian story. I love the fanciful. I love the Victorian. But not this. Phooey.

If you like Lewis Carroll - bully for you. Read more of him. I have finally understood what I call "The Elvis Conundrum". My husband hates Elvis Presley. Can't stand his music, his shiny suits or his wacky blue-haired fans. The question is: how can you claim to love rock and roll even a little bit, without respecting Elvis for making it into a phenomenon and therefore appreciate his music on some sort of historical level? My spouse says Elvis-appreciation is not a prerequisite for loving rock and roll. And now I find that, while Lewis Carroll lovers argue that: "The humor, sparkling wit and genius of this Victorian Englishman have lasted for more than a century. His books are among the most quoted works in the English language, and his influence (with that of his illustrator, Sir John Tenniel) can be seen everywhere, from the world of advertising to that of atomic physics." I am still completely unmoved by him. And don't like him. Not even one little bit! I am sure it is some sort of flaw in me and not in the millions who have adored this timeless classic. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

If you want children going to strange worlds where things are not at all what they should be (and that I like) - read E. Nesbit or Edward Eager.

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