Tuesday, May 28, 2013


First read: I don't remember where I started it, but I finished it at my desk at work in January of 2012. And I cried and cried! A kind senior asked what was wrong and since she had read the book, she knew exactly what I was feeling. It was very moving!

The Story: Hazel Grace and Gus are in love. And Hazel has cancer. And they love this book written by a reclusive writer who lives in Amsterdam. And their friend is going to go blind. And the play video games and watch movies. It is just beautiful.One of my all time favorites. Romantic and funny. Really funny...

The re-read: I reread this the beginning of last month and I read it on my ipad which was an interesting experience. It was no less wonderful for the technology.

Summer Reading Tips:
  • Check out Nerdfighters. You may already be one.
  • Fall in love.
  • Read this with a box of tissues next to you.

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