Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life As We Knew It

I can barely stand to be done with this book. Miranda is the sort of character I hate to say goodbye to and this is the sort of book that leaves me wondering what is going to happen next. Not that LIFE AS WE KNEW IT ends badly - it end's at an excellent spot for it to end - but I want to know what happens next!

The story is set in the present day. The action begins when an asteroid hits the moon and knocks it slightly out of its regular orbit. The changes cause world-wide tsunamis which lead to all kinds of trouble with fuel, food and other taken-for-granted things.

In a small town in Pennsylvania, Miranda and her family attempt to survive what begins to seem more and more like the end of the world.

This book made me think about so many things that I kept finding myself staring into space as I considered which books I would stockpile, how I would feed my family and if I would answer my door if people came looking for help. I am usually disturbed by end of the world stories, but somehow looking at it from a small town perspective made it easier to bear as well as more moving.

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