Friday, July 04, 2014

OPEN ROAD SUMMER Makes My Summer Awesome!

Oh Emery Lord. thank you for writing OPEN ROAD SUMMER! It is such a feel-good summer read that I actually tried to slow down so I wouldn't finish it to quickly.

I wrote Emery Lord a fan letter when I was on page 29 and considered sending occasional updates but did not on account of not wanting to appear to stalker-y.

The book is the story of two best friends. Reagan, a girl who is acting out with reckless behavior and her best friend Lilah (or Dee) who is a country music sweetheart teen-queen reminiscent of Taylor Swift. Not Taylor Swift, of course, but one does kind of have to make the connection.

Anyway, the book focuses on their friendship as the Lilah Montgomery Tour takes them around the country for the summer.

When opening act Matt Finch joins the tour, he and Reagan dance around starting a relationship in an adorable way.

The book is a terrific look at a strong friendship and the start of a sweet romance set in a fascinating world. A no-brainer for summer reading for next year!

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