Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Wow, I have tried to start Jellico Road so many times and I just get confused or bored or distracted by some shinier, sexier book and move on. But my pal Kate says it is one of her all time favorites and she as excellent taste so I knew I would eventually succumb.
As it turns out, it took me assigning it to the YA literature course I am teaching to make me finally commit and was it ever worth it!
This book is amazing. It is two stories - five friends who meet on Jellico Road twenty years ago under horrible circumstances are somehow connected to the story of an isolated girl who lives at a boarding school and is embroiled in a territorial war between school kids, townies and some military cadets.
It is so weird.
And it is so magnificent.
There was all this brouhaha on the internet about how adults should not read YA because it is simplistic tripe and this book is the one I would choose to throw at the heads of those who try to make that tired argument.
I'm going to go read it again!

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Lady Chardonnay said...

i just picked it up at the library! we are sistahs. and i spilled margarita on my keyboard, that's why i cannot make caps. don't judge me.